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Welcome to The Nottinghamshire Building Company, your premier builder in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. We specialise in crafting custom homes and renovations that exceed your expectations.

With years of experience serving as the go-to builder in Chesterfield, our team is well-equipped to handle all your construction needs. From custom home designs to intricate renovations, we're committed to delivering first class craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we understand the importance of attention to detail. That's why we take great care in planning and executing every aspect of your project, ensuring great results that reflects your unique style and preferences.

As your trusted builder in Chesterfield, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Our ever-evolving approach allows us to offer innovative solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Whether you're looking to build a new home, add an extension, or renovate your existing space, The Nottinghamshire Building Company is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover why we're the preferred builder in Chesterfield for homeowners like you.

Builder Chesterfield constructing a custom home extension with large windows glass roof


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Home Builder Chesterfield

We are dedicated to ensuring building your own unique custom home is a seamless and unforgettable experience. At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we specialise in creating new homes perfectly suited to your individual tastes and desires. Our skilled team collaborates closely with you every step of the way, from initial design concepts to the final construction phase, to bring your dream home to life in Chesterfield, tailored precisely to yours and your families lifestyle and needs.

Builder Chesterfield property extension in the dark

Property Extensions Chesterfield

Enhancing your living space is a made easier and less stressful with our property extension services in Chesterfield. Whether you desire an additional bedroom, a spacious kitchen, or a luxury entertainment area, our team excels at transforming your current property to accommodate your evolving requirements. Property extensions not only offer extra space but also enhance the value of your property, making it a smart investment not only for the present but for the future as well.

Builder Chesterfield constructing home renovation with living area and patio doors

Home Renovations Chesterfield

Does your Chesterfield property require a refresh and new re-design? Look no further than our property renovation services to revitalise your home or business space. We specialise in both interior and exterior renovations, improving both the appearance and functionality of your property. Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom makeover, a kitchen-diner project or redesigned living area, our team has the skills to rejuvenate your space, so you can make the best use and enjoy your rejuvenated space.

Customer Reviews

Great service from start to finish, turned up on time, Site left clean and tidy every night. Would highly recommend them.

Jayne D.

Top drawer service. Prompt and great quality work done in the timescale quoted. Did'nt leave any mess. Dave and his assisstant were sociable and polite and answer any concerns we had, would certainly recommend. Will use again without hesitation.

Chris S.

Why Choose Us as your Chesterfield builder?

At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we boast extensive experience and a high level of expertise in all aspects of building work, ranging from new builds and extensions to groundwork and renovations. Here's why we stand out as the premier building option in Chesterfield and what you can anticipate from our services.

  • Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

    Our commitment to first class craftsmanship is unmatched in Chesterfield. We meticulously attend to every detail, guaranteeing that each project we undertake is executed to perfection. Utilising premium materials and employing skilled tradespeople who take pride in their work, we ensure exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

  • Local Insight

    With our background in building within Chesterfield, we possess a deep understanding of local architectural styles, building regulations, and community preferences. This expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate projects with their surroundings and adhere to local standards.

  • Tailored Service

    At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we prioritise in a personalised approach in Chesterfield. We invest time in understanding your needs, preferences, and budget, tailoring each project to your exact specifications. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering guidance, addressing queries, and bringing your vision to life.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Recognizing the significance of energy efficiency and sustainability, we integrate eco-friendly features into our homes and renovation projects in Chesterfield. This not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances long-term cost-effectiveness for you.

  • Efficient Project Management

    From inception to completion, we oversee every aspect of your construction or renovation project in Chesterfield. Our experienced project managers ensure efficient operations and timely completion, affording you peace of mind as your vision materialises before your eyes.

Builder Chesterfield home extension with garden Builder Chesterfield renovating living room by expanding into kitchen
Builder Chesterfield constructing custom kitchen Detached home with built in garage constructed by builder Chesterfield Kitchen renovated and extended by builder chesterfield


Selecting the Finest Building Company

When embarking on a building project, choosing a company with a proven track record of excellence is paramount. The Nottinghamshire Building Company not only meets this requirement but surpasses it in numerous ways.

  • Elevating Property Value

    Opting for our Chesterfield building services can substantially boost the value of your property. Whether it's a new build, an extension or a home renovation, our work enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property. This increase in value not only benefits you in the long term but also makes your property more enticing to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal

    Our expertise in design and construction can transform a mundane and outdated property into a striking and contemporary space in Chesterfield. We consider both aesthetics and functionality in every aspect of our work. From selecting the perfect colour schemes and materials to optimising layouts for convenience, we focus on the details that truly elevate your property. A visually pleasing property not only enhances your living or working experience but also leaves a lasting impression on visitors and clients alike.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency offers a many benefits to our clients in Chesterfield. Not only does it reduce your environmental footprint, but it also translates into tangible savings on utility bills. Modern construction materials and techniques, including superior insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems, help minimise energy consumption. This ensures a more comfortable indoor environment while significantly reducing your monthly energy expenses.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Each Chesterfield building project we undertake is closely tailored to meet your exact requirements. Understanding that every property is unique, we approach each project with the aim of crafting a one-of-a-kind space. Whether you have distinct architectural preferences, space constraints, or design ideas, we collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority, and we take pride in delivering customised solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Experience and Quality of Work

    With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, The Nottinghamshire Building Company sets the standard for quality in Chesterfield. Our skilled team of professionals brings expertise and attention to detail to every project, ensuring that the workmanship is of the highest level. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results that stand the test of time, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your property.

  • Eco Friendly Practices

    At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we are committed to eco-friendly construction practices in Chesterfield. We prioritise the use of sustainable materials and implement energy-efficient solutions wherever possible. By minimising our environmental impact, we help create healthier and more sustainable living spaces for our clients and future generations to come.

  • Peace of Mind

    Partnering with The Nottinghamshire Building Company guarantees peace of mind throughout the entire construction or renovation process in Chesterfield. From planning and design to obtaining permits and overseeing construction work, we handle every aspect with precision. Our experienced team ensures that your project stays on course, and we remain readily available to address any concerns or queries you may have. Our goal is to make the entire experience as stress-free as possible, allowing you to fully enjoy the transformation of your property.



Just some of the many quality services we offer:

New Builds

New build homes constructed to your requirments and budget.


Well built extra space for whatever you need expertly constructed.


Any building work you need professionally undertaken to give great results.


Modernise your property and gain a home that fits your needs and lifestyle.


Have your plastering completed to a high standard by our expertly trained staff.


Safe and robust brickwork professionally constructed for whatever you need.

Fitted Bathrooms & Kitchens

Full installation and construction of your bathroom or kitchen projects.


Weather proof installation and repairs that will last and keep your property safe and dry.

Groundwork & Foundations

High quality groundwork for stronger more durable structures


At The Nottinghamshire Building Company, we serve both homeowners and business clients in Chesterfield. Recognizing the distinct needs and preferences of these groups, we are adept at meeting their unique requirements.

For Homeowners and Landlords in Chesterfield

Living room renovated by builder Chesterfield

For homeowners in Chesterfield, your property holds immense significance—it's not merely a house but your sanctuary, your haven of comfort and security. Whether you're a new homeowner or seeking to revitalise your long-term residence, our array of services is tailored to help you realise your vision.

Crafting Custom New Build Homes

Embarking on the journey to build your own home in Chesterfield is a thrilling opportunity. It's a chance to fashion a space that is distinctly yours, crafted to suit your lifestyle and desires. Our custom home building services are meticulously tailored to your specific needs. Collaborating closely with you, we grasp your vision, your family's requirements, and your budget. With a team of skilled architects and designers, we transform your dream home into reality—a place where cherished memories are made.

Seamless Property Extensions for Added Space

Should you find yourself outgrowing your current living quarters in Chesterfield, a property extension offers a seamless solution for extra space without the upheaval of relocation. Whether it's an expanded kitchen, an additional bedroom, or a spacious entertainment area, we seamlessly integrate extensions into your property, ensuring a harmonious blend with the existing architecture. Our focus lies in creating a fluid transition from your original space to the new extension, both inside and out, enhancing not only the aesthetic allure but also preserving the functionality and flow of your home.

Refreshing Property Renovations

A well-executed renovation in Chesterfield holds the power to completely rejuvenate your property, rendering it more functional, attractive, and enjoyable. Our expertise in property renovations encompasses a spectrum of interior and exterior enhancements. From kitchen and bathroom refurbishments to roofing and facade makeovers, we possess the skills and experience to breathe new life into your home. Our objective is to craft a space that not only fulfils your current needs but also enhances the value of your property.

Living room renovated by builder Chesterfield New stylish Bathroom renovated by builder Chesterfield
newly renovated clean propery constructed by builder Chesterfield

For Business Customers in Chesterfield

newly renovated clean propery constructed by builder Chesterfield

Business owners in Chesterfield understand the paramount importance of creating professional, functional, and inviting spaces. Whether you're managing a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or office building, we're here to help you realise your vision and elevate your business to new heights.

Tailored Commercial Construction Solutions

Our comprehensive commercial construction services in Chesterfield are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. We recognize that each sector has its unique requirements, and we excel in delivering solutions that align perfectly with your objectives.

Hotel Construction for Memorable Guest Experiences

In the hospitality industry, creating memorable guest experiences is essential for success. Our expertise in hotel construction allows us to bring your vision to life, whether you're planning a boutique hotel or a larger establishment. From luxurious guest rooms to state-of-the-art amenities, we ensure that every aspect of your hotel reflects excellence and comfort, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Restaurant Design and Construction for Culinary Excellence

Restaurants in Chesterfield thrive on delivering exceptional dining experiences. Our restaurant design and construction services are tailored to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your establishment. Whether you're opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing one, we collaborate closely with you to create a space that not only delights diners but also optimises workflow for your staff, ensuring a seamless dining experience from start to finish.

Retail Space Construction for Engaging Shopping Environments

In the retail industry, creating engaging shopping environments is crucial for attracting customers and driving sales. Our retail space construction services focus on designing and building spaces that captivate shoppers and reflect your brand identity. From boutique stores to large retail outlets, we leverage our expertise to maximise space utilisation, enhance visual appeal, and create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to explore and make purchases.

Office Renovations for Productive Workspaces

The design and layout of your office space in Chesterfield can significantly impact employee productivity and client interactions. Our office renovation services are designed to revitalise your workspace, creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. Whether you're looking to update your office layout, modernise facilities, or incorporate sustainable features, we work closely with you to transform your office into a productive and inspiring workplace.


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Choosing The Nottinghamshire Building Company as your Chesterfield builder is the first step toward transforming your property into a stunning and functional masterpiece. Our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and personalised service sets us apart from the competition. Whether you're a homeowner seeking to improve your living space or a business owner aiming to build an efficient and appealing premises, we possess the experience and skills to bring your vision to life.

If you're located in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas, reach out to us today to discuss your project. Let us assist you in turning your property into the space you've always dreamed of. The Nottinghamshire Building Company is ready to make your vision a reality.

Call us now on 07411 664543 or mail us at: for a free consultation and experience the difference we can make for your property.


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